This is the schedule for the 2016-2017 YPP year. Links to the labs themselves are included where applicable.

Meeting Date Lab Faculty Speaker
October 14th, 2017 Momentum and energy- can't stop us now! Daniel Klein
November 18th, 2017 Eggs Away! A lesson in "impulsive" habits, which include throwing eggs off of large buildings into cleverly designed protective devices Prof. Julio Barreiro
December 16th, 2017 Angular momentum makes the world go round! Prof. Alex Frano
January 20th, 2018 Shocking facts about electrostatics Prof. Tarun Grover
February 24th, 2018 Induction production, what's your function? Wearable Circuit Lab Prof. Ken Intriligator
March 24th, 2018 Making Waves: Optics and Strings Prof. Daniel Arovas
April 21st, 2018 Who's afraid of a little radiation? Prof. Elena Koslover
May 19th, 2018 Lab tours! N/A

An archive of old (and current) labs can be found here.