YPP meets one Saturday each month, and runs from 10:00 AM to 1:00 PM.

The UCSD Young Physicists Program will bring middle school and high school students from across San Diego together with physics students and professors from UCSD on Saturday mornings each month. A typical morning can involve college-level lab activities, interactive demos, lots of interaction with under/graduate students and a presentation by a different guest professor each month touching on cutting-edge research and advanced concepts in physics, as well as reasons for choosing physics as a career and tips on how to make it happen.

Through fun, somewhat simplified, college-level lab projects, with graduate students and undergraduates helping, participants will discover first-hand what college physics involves and be amazed at what they accomplish and learn. UCSD professors will describe exciting research topics in everyday words, giving an idea of how many different concentrations there are in physics and how important physics is in the world. Fun experiments from our sizeable Interactive Lecture Demo collection will not just illustrate the sort of surprises that Nature has to offer, but will also be available for close-up inspection and experimentation. It will also be possible to get help and advice for science fair projects. For your benefit, students, please read through the instructions for the lab before the meeting. You may not understand a lot of what is there, depending on your level of experience, but you will learn more in the lab if you read ahead (even if only in the car on the way to the meeting).

You can always contact YPP if you want to know more about the program.