Chris Knowlton YPP Director

Chris is doing research on computational neuroscience with Henry Abarbanel. When not doing research or YPP, Chris can be found biking around San Diego or Terran up the Starcraft ladders.

David Stone YPP Assistant Director

David is a fourth year working for Benjamin Grinstein in the field of High Energy Theory. Whoa! Maybe. He currently pursues research in studying methods of electroweak symmetry breaking outside of those suggested by the Standard Model. The quote "You do not really understand something unless you can explain it to your grandmother," credit A. Einstein, rings true, and thus he strives to teach others the beauty of physics- YPP! He enjoys backpacking and sometimes eating and sleeping, too. He even managed to make his own website (which looks oddly like YPP's site).

Shauna Kravec YPP PR Representative

Shauna is a second year student working with John McGreevy on problems in Condensed Matter Theory. She is interested in novel materials whose physics is described by theories which don't care about rulers or stopwatches; they are topological! In her spare time she enjoys hosting tabletop games.

Daniel Klein YPP Co-Assistant Director

Daniel is a third year working in the field of High Energy Experiment!