Sanchit Sabhlok YPP Co-Director

Sanchit is a 7th year graduate working with Professor Shelley Wright. Sanchit works on high redshift galaxies and has been occasionally known to shoot giant lasers at the moon from a remote mountain in New Mexico. In his spare time, Sanchit suffers as a long time Manchester United fan, when he is not busy playing Dungeons and Dragons, other assorted board games or badminton.

Cameron Trapp YPP Co-Director

Cameron is PhD candidate working with Prof. Dusan Keres. His work focuses on understanding the flows of gas in massive disk galaxies and how they fuel star formation using cosmological simulations. In his free time, he enjoys hiking, making video games, and cooking.

Aniket Zodage YPP Co-Director

Aniket is a second-year Physics graduate student. He works in Prof. Suckjoon Jun's lab, which works on understanding the physiology of bacterial and yeast cell growth. Outside of work, you can find him playing badminton, hiking, cooking, or listening to music.

Sincheng Huang YPP Co-Director

Sincheng is a fourth-year grad student working in David Kleinfeld's lab, which studies the biophysics governing the brain and its blood flow. Outside of the lab, he regularly frequents the San Diego Zoo, Safari Park, and Birch Aquarium.