Shauna Kravec YPP Co-Director

Shauna is a sixth year student working with John McGreevy on problems in Condensed Matter Theory. She is interested in physics which don't care about rulers or stopwatches. In her spare time she enjoys hosting tabletop games.

Daniel Klein YPP Co-Director

Daniel is a seventh year grad student working for Frank Wuerthwein and Avi Yagil. His group studies the properties of tiny subatomic particles using data gathered by the CMS experiment at the Large Hadron Collider at CERN. When not researching, Daniel enjoys outdoor sports, long books, board games, and volunteering.

Julio Barreiro YPP Faculty Sponsor

Julio is an assistant professor in the Physics Department (Faculty profile), building an ultracold atom experiment for the emulation and understanding of challenging problems involving quantum physics. Julio's most useful ideas were conceived while road cycling.