How do I sign up?

Just follow these two easy steps:
1) Complete the online registration.
* Please only sign up for dates you are planning to attend.

2) Complete the waiver and turn it in at your first meeting of the school year.
* Your waiver must be signed by a parent or guardian.
* Only one waiver for each student is required for each school year.

Is there still room? How many students can I bring?

Currently, we have seats for up to 50 students at each meeting, and cannot accept any more than this. The number may go down on any given day if we don't have enough volunteers to work with 50 students. The spaces are reserved on a first come, first served basis, with a wait-list (if we're booked, we'll put you on the wait-list, and the next time you want to attend, you will be first in line; it does not have to be the next meeting). Additionally, if we are consistently filling up, we will try to expand to a larger capacity.

Can I attend just one meeting? Am I supposed to come to all of the meetings?

You are welcome to attend any and all meetings that interest you and fit into your schedule. For example, it is fine if you only come to the April meeting, or if you only come to the September meeting and the June meeting. In fact, we prefer that you only sign up for meetings which you are fairly certain you will attend (see "How do I sign up?" above).

Is YPP free?

Yes. There is no charge to participate in YPP.

But I'd like to help support the program anyway...

We will gratefully accept your donations. Please see our support page for more information.

Who may participate in YPP?

YPP is open to middle school students and high school students who are 12 years old or older. There are no exceptions (this is not our rule). Parents are welcome to follow along for one meeting, but we do not expect to have space for parents to attend regularly. Please inquire though if your circumstance is unique.

Clothing and accessories?

For the safety of your feet and hair, you must wear close-toed shoes and put your hair up or back if it is long enough to do so. Also, please do not wear dangling jewelry.

School supplies?

We recommend you bring some form of notebook and pen or pencil to each meeting. Since you will not use more than a few sheets of paper for each meeting, a folder and some lined (or better yet, graphing) paper will do just fine. We also recommend you bring a calculator -- any kind will suffice.

Can/Must I attend with my child/students?

It is not necessary for a teacher/parent to accompany students/children. Parents are welcome to come and follow along for one meeting, but we do not expect to have enough space for parents to attend regularly. On the other hand, teachers are welcome to attend regularly. Parents, please inquire if you do wish to attend regularly.

Is there a record of participation?

Each meeting we'll bring a few forms of completion for students interested.